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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lido, Burano and Murano...

Sounds like the names of places taken straight out of a comic - right? Well, almost.

These are pretty islands that surround Venice. It is very interesting that in spite of having such a prominent neighbor, these islands have managed to maintain a very unique personality.

Murano is a little island that is very famous for it's glass work. This place is teeming with glass factories, and beautiful shops that sell exquisite glasses. More than once did my eyes pop out to see the price of a wine-glass set marked at 6000 €s (7200 USD). Reason: apart from the glass being exquisite, the craftsmen integrated fine slivers of real gold into their work.

People like me do a good job at keeping safe distance from such precious stuff - a nudge here, a push there and we could spend a good fraction of our lives paying up for something we wouldn't drink out of!

Burano is a sister island and in sharp contrast has nothing to do with glass. This island characterised by pastel colored homes specializes in fine lace / crochet work. Yes, lace! It even has a lace museum and the women in this island indulge in beautifully fine, thin and detailed laceworks that impress the onlooker.

Last but not the least, Lido is the famous island that has given it's name to a film festival and to at least one Cinema Hall I know of! This island is home to really rich people.

Talking of richness, would you expect this little cutie in such a place?
To sign this blog off, I must leave you with one of the most beautiful sunsets experienced at Lido...


  • the things you choose to photograph are unique!!!
    the way they are potrayed in your snaps are different!!

    By Blogger Raghu, at 8:36 AM  

  • Again, another wonderful entry. It's like a feature article on a magazine about travelling, or places to see. :)

    By Anonymous cherish, at 7:06 PM  

  • Nice ones sid !!! by the way sid you should have made an comments section for the special painting on the wall photo ;-)

    By Anonymous Sreehari, at 2:39 AM  

  • LOL... :D

    Will keep that in mind when posting new photos in here...

    By Blogger Siddhartha Rao, at 3:24 AM  

  • es is eine von den schönsten Webseiten , die ich bisher gesehen habe.viel efolg mit deinen anderen neuen Webseiten und immerhin:)

    By Anonymous riwa, at 2:05 PM  

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